President’s day sales

As you all know, Presidents day weekend is a big car sales weekend. People have tax returns and either by a new car at a dealership or a cash car off the street. First, I can’t say it enough. buyer beware! Private sales cars are they wild west until May. A $600 shitbox is now $2000 because that is what people will spend. And spoiler alert, car dealers aren’t slashing prices, or giving 2% loans to people with 450 credit in the spirit of the weekend. With that being said, here are my top car picks of the week.

Its all about location! For $600 you can buy this beat up beauty and oh did in mesntion the car got impounded, so you’ll need to pay all that too.

$800 firm and you must have AAA

Not sure it for sale or anything, but according to the translation poor Herbie caught an STD.

$2500 for a 17 year old car with 192k on it and shot motor mounts? Oh. The rims make it all worth it, you can just sell those and get back a fraction of what you spent on this paperweight.

$3000 for what, an early 90’s honda wagon? No info on it so let me help you. A million miles and a bunch of shit is wrong with it but he will tell you it needs nothing.

You read it coreectly, for $7500 you only get the body of the car, nothing else. So after you spend at least 10k more to make this thing driveable, the reconstructed title ( they wrecked the car, it was totaled and then rebuilt) still make it worth less than you paid.

$2000 for a 24 yr old minivan. what a find. At first I had to figure out if the rims even had tires on them. Im sure in must ride great. Just a few things to remember. Don’t put any weight in the van and avoid all bumps and potholes.

Are you a homie with a family? This pimped out 25 yr old wagon es bueno ! And only cost you roughly 4 months social security checks.

Don’t be fool, it isn’t a tree stump. It is a car part. Safety first !!

Even NASA is trying to make a buck.

It is gurantee to pass inspection, whatever but not guaranteed. There is a catch.


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