Used bedding blowout !!

Here we go!!! looking for a good used mattress? I found you only the best of the best !!!

Looks clean and priced right? Can we explain the indents?

just a little bounce under some wieght.

My moms is throwing me out and the bed doesn’t in my buddies place.

And totally does not smell bad from being in storage.

Just a few stains, some broken boards and it is all ripped up, what did you want for $100.

When selling your used bed, the first thing people see about you should NOT be this

I didnt draw that, it was actually this first thing that shows up on her profile. Maybe so you know where all the stains came from?

I’m going to overlook look the fact that cheap is spelled wrong and go after the stains from lack of use?

Seriously, it is just sitting in the driveway?

Well, at least he is honest!

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