Texas finds

Dammit doll? Not sure if this is a voodoo thing or if you get this hideous disco doll thing, you will say “dammit”.

Did you seriously cover up the mannequins private parts? I don’t think this counts as nudity.

What the hell does this have to do with a rodeo?

Nothing is worse than not being able to find your paid stamp. Although a creative kid could have hours of fun!

Twine balls, in different sizes no less. I think Cheri needs to get out more.

I have been looking everywhere for one of these! I’ll be on the next flight to Texas y’all.

Trafe you this statie for a video game system? That sounds like a bad junior high deal.

Game sytem for dog toys and supplies? Well that dog will get alot of attention because the ownee will have nothing else to play with.

Thats a Christmas list. This guy wants everything in exchange for his services. But trust me, he is worth it.

Who doesnt want this guys hands all over them?


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