Looking for love?

Being single on Valentine’s day can suck, then again, not being single on Valentine’s day could also suck. So If your looking for some last minute love connections, craigslist has you covered.

Wouldn’t it be great if his wife responded? But seriously ladies, he is just looking for fun, send him your sexy pics.

Ok, we know its slim pickins in the Chair city but dude, seriously? This is why you will be hanging out by yourself on Valentine’s day saying how stupid everyone on a date looks.

So may questions. Im not sure it was snow that was being plowed. Things really got weird when it came time to shovel , sand and salt.

Attn large ladies. This stud wants to s3tah in shape with you help. Make sure you email him using the always sexy title ” older”.

Yes don’t be shy, but I’m guessing this guy wishes he had been shy about putting his phone number out there.

Are you looking for a 59 yr old guy who is actually going away on spring break? And of course your paying for everything. Do you really think ” pay your own way, sleep with me and don’t tell my wife” would work?

Didn’t we find this guy earlier? Anyway guys, if your in your 50’s, know something about the law and like larger ladies, she is looking.

That is how you get a craigslist date Gardner guy!

Just because her husband stopped talking to her doesn’t mean she doesn’t have anything to say. Too bad they closed down the AOL chat rooms.

I’m not sure which way this is going. But it sounds like everyone can get in on this.

A chubby singles club?

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