The truth hurts

Oh no, you didn’t point out the truth Carolann ! The comments went back and forth on give to everyone and yes they are scammers. My favorite was this one of course.

Yes, either our friends at TBS will find you or we will, but one way or another the game won’t last long.

This is the best used car ad. I don’t know nothing. The car is a 1992 model. And if you are driving a 92 Ford Tempo still, you have every right to beg for handouts on the internet. My only question is why did he include a picture of his house?

Normally we don’t put cars in the lost and found, but if you have an old Civic it is bound to get stolen. So if this is your car, get a tow truck and come get it.

And what does the motorcycle have to do with with a gift card for skiing?

He will shovel during the day, because its going to snow at night.

I will pay $15 for you to never display that shirt again in public.

Hey Michael, would it be too much to ask you to wash and iron the shirt before you ask $25 for it?

No accidents? Just half the front end was replace, no biggie. FYI, you want that much for a 19 year old car, it should at the same color.

Please, let us guess what you are looking for, its more fun that way.

Nothing is worse than wrangler tired, pisses me off when my det go to sleep.

I always find trash bins odd thing to sell used, but I don’t see anyone buying three at a time.

You got a chain saw guy?

Welcome the the world of buying used shit Adam! but lets make a deal, nobody sells you broken stuff and you promise not to ever do this again.


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