Starting an internet clothing shop

Of course, Im broke and need a new wardrobe. You should feel like crap Crystal becuae this is a lie and a scam. You aren’t asking for anything but womens clothes and unless your running around nude, you got stuff to wear. Oh, and explain to me how you use your whole pay check for bills but have no transportation? How the faq do you get to work? Run errands? Go shopping? You walk everywhere? I doubt it.

How anout you ask your man to buy you some shit? But lets just get to the point here.

And now you need a job? Thought you had one? This is your job, internet panhandling.

You cant handle the comments? Its is the gullible people that want to help you kick off your online store. Lets take a look.

Sell that stuff and buy your own clothes, what an idea!


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