Stop sign eating truck

Omg, the rumors are true ! This “faget” was after his girl!

Nobody can resist the filter face. Lets here from her.

Ok, so this guy eats red lights. This never happened and it is easy to figure out why. There is simply way to much talking about her in this. We all know it is just for the attention. But it’s on Facebook so we have to believe it right? What she wrote to her supporters is even better.

Poor red truck got the shits from eating red lights and stop signs. Listen Keyla, if someone was following you with the intent of forcing you into sex slavery, you pulling out a phone would scare them.

Stop eating signs!!! The good news, no reports of kidnappings in Springfield by red trucks.

Because the police will do what? Stop every red truck? And stop. There are no other ” victims”. Your just mad because it is Friday and your man was nowhere to be found. Like he was goinng to jump through the phone to save you. But he did post mean words on Facebook. That should scare off the stop sign and red light eating kidnappers in their red truck.


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