Trailer park showdown

Here we go, posting in the classifieds a ” look what almost happened to me ” moment. There are so many reasons this is hard to believe.Nothing makes sense starting with the sob story about no car. It’s a speaker, no need to feel sorry for anyone. Then our ” victim” arrives at the trailer park, where every punpkin spice queen would go by herself.

Yeah, definitely goes to bad neighborhoods alone. And then they can’t pay because the law is out there? I’m sure if they were wanted felons they would have been caught by now, not trying to lure people to their trailer using their real name.

I would totally go to a trailer park to get money from those two.

So of course. We have the thankfully your alive comments.

Of course she is a walking armory. You got to be packing when you go slumming to sell speakers.

Dude lives in a trailer park and has no car, duh, anyone could have told you he may have resided in a jail before.

Thank you WJ for pointing out the obvious. But Casey would have almost been a ” victim” if that was the case. And drugs Lana, really?

I don’t know about that.

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