5th grade junkies

Of course, because we know facebook is better than any Police dept out there. No idea what this guy was doing walking the streets of Springfield at midnight, but something doesn’t pass the smell test. No mention of where this happened or anything is a clue. I doubt this guys had a bunch of credit cards, but lets stay on the look out for the gofundme that is coming to ” help pay all the money spent by the robbers”. Because you can cancel cards and report fraud. Lets take a look at what the druggies stole to obviously sell at the pawn shop for drug money.

Is this guy 10 years old?? What grown ass man has a X-men wallet? I bet he wishes Spiderman was there to help him. So what other valuables did they get?

Oh, hell no !!!! Not those, thats like $1 in street value. This isnt’t even shit my kids would want, are we really talking about an adult?

That is questionable. Any other valuable stuff?

Nope. So I urge you if you are in Springfield and see a crack head with a Incredible hulk wallet, call 911 !!

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