No Questions asked

Because finding an apartment is hard, especially when you don’t want anyone to know about the old criminal history. And there is nobody with rentals available in Springfield, no less that would rent to someone without checking a backround first. Got to keep Springfield crime free!!!

I’m guessing she has some shady boyfriend with a less that stellar history, but I could care less to find out. it is when the fact that you get mad when some point points out how stupid you are to say ” I need an apartment, but you have no right to know who your renting too”.

Gee, makes you wonder. And stop making fun of her, she has no respect for you if you do.

And I have no respect for people that panhandle on facebook.

No Aaliyah, a child is someone internet panhandling for a place that will let her “finace” live there without knowing what kind of person lives there. Lucky for Aaliyah, a wannabe rapper stepped up to put his 50 cents in.

My hero !!! And he is hiring ya’ll.

Give Alliyah a call, she needs the money for a new crib.

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