Do not buy Iva

Ok, you heard it hear folks, if you try and buy Iva he will rob you, so you need to be car ful. I guess if you go to meet him bring a car full of people is what that means. So what is the deal?

Can’t confirm this ever happened, but what a surprise he is selling dollars store stuff online to make a profit, never seen that before.

I’m guessing he abused his dollar store employee discount.

Of course, I’m even more confused as to how a guy in New Jersey found a guy in upstate New York.

You would think an adult woman would be smart enough not to get into a rape van, even if it is to save a buck on laundry detergent.

So the moral of this story is always buy at a store and not online from a junkie driving a rape van and this won’t happen to you.


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