Scam or no scam?

Unique losr her dad and needs your help! It would only make sense to place an ad in the 413 classifieds. But Unique has a few problems. If you can find the obituary let me know, because I couldn’t. She also needs to move.

And she is quite the buyer and seller on Facebook.

But she only needs $200 to bury dear dad.

That is literally the only mention this guy has on her Facebook page. No pictures, names or anything, just a fundraiser link.

Then we get to the go fundme page.

$25,000 for a funeral? Seems high but she went with the ” it wasnt me ” excuse.

Sure, and she posted it using your account. Happens all the time. The comments were interesting. The usual round of supporters who had the same story. And of course you had people that that called it out as a scam. I was in the process off getting them when she did a delete and retreat, what a surprise.


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