U shovel

I remember when I use live in Worcester there was two neighborhood boys who would for $20 shovel my driveway and walkway. Neither was very big and didn’t take long, but they were kids trying to earn a few bucks. This is not the case.

Nah, you aint my man. You are, sorry, ur a let me guess, sec 8 social security because ur “desable” freeloader.

Matching wife beaters, how cute. Maybe he just needs the money to get tires for his car that don’t look like they are falling off.

Not sure if it is really his, just looks really stupid.

Then we found this road scholar.

He seems like such a nice young man. And he has a business proposal for you.

Yup, it really said that. Personally, if you came near my daughter I would be the ever living shit out if you with my shovel. But I’m sure he will find some high class skank to settle down with, make a couple welfare babies and become Turtleboy famous.


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