Homeless mama needs some new boots

More internet panhandling, it never gets old.

The game was up before it started. If your stuff was lost or destroyed, why would you need a tv and dvd player. Sound like the basic needs to me. Notice she never says what size or the age of the son, but just her coats. Of course her spelling and grammar is what you would expect.

But then we get to her. When your homeless you need to be sporting fashionable boots, preferably Uggs. She is a size 6 by the way. So where is baby daddy?

Oh, there he is !! They really look like they are slumming , wouldn’t you say? Hell, even mom popped in.

Seems like a comment from woman who’s child and grandchild are living in shelters. Don’t worry though, Chantel is working.

Oh, never mind. Lets take a trip down Chantels memory lane.

Just getting started.

Getting warmer.

Now you got it! But her best came in 2018.

Funny, could have sworn you also were homeless. Anyone want to bet come spring time she will be selling camping gear?

So it appears Chantel got her first post from last night deleted. And she seems to have deleted the camping gear one. I guess somebody figured it out. But, she really needs the stuff you guys !!!

You almost had it Kelly !!!

A Nintendo Wii, just what every homeless kid needs. We should keep track of the donations, I’m positive they will all be up for sale soon.


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