Easy money

Most jobs posted in marketplace are scams and the truly gullible fall for it. This was interesting to say the least.

$500 to drive around witb a sticker on the car? Or better yet, ride your bike! Not quite sure how you ride a bike around advertising. So I message her.

And this is what I got back.

Totally not a scam, right? Sound like the new way of doing the Nigerian Prince scam.

Looking at Lucy’s page she seem to be a real person from the cape. I think she got hacked and doesn’t know it yet. But google Orem Bluelight LLC and you get a cell phone wholesaler out of Utah. Since they say on their site they only operate business to business, I doubt they are looking to advertise on the back of a Honda in Brockton.

So how does the scam work? They send you a fake check for way more money then you were promised. Once you have deposited it, they ask for a refund of the difference. You send it along, the check bounces and your screwed.


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