Bad artist

Well, this is what the world needs. Another “artist” selling hats and shirts with stupid logos thinking they hit the lottery.

Oh how cute. It is a clean swear well referring to the church. That is thinking outaide the box.

We know, you are smarter than everyone, which is why you are trying to sell bad tee shirts on a free website. To be fair, I went through his stuff. Not interested. But he is smarter than you, he said so.

Stupid as hell would be buying your stuff, or falling for this scam.

I am positive it is legitimate, so make sure you share it! But the best was his anti government shut down hats.

Ok, first who would wear this? It’s not making a statement. And just so you know Jimmy, it was only federal employees not getting paid, not every American. And creating this hat 3 days after the shut down ened isnt a selling point. Try marketing it a ” classic protest hat” see if that works.


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