Welfare ain’t enough

Well, Jeralyn has a problem. With a small child at home, oops she did it again.

No joke, we don’t post pictures of kids, but she has one of a baby that can’t be more than a year on her page. So with all these mouths to feed, she needs to scrap up some cash, because you know, your tax dollars have to go to baby Jordans.

It’s called a typewriter. That thing people use to use to write letters. Look it up on your iphone before you try to sell it.

Ya girl, because plastic cups are hard to find. Of course they aren’t used, not a big market for used ones. But I don’t think she understands.

But the last one is the winner.

Yes, you are for dog cage. Maybe, just maybe if we can put you in one we can keep the male dogs from breeding with you.

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