South of the barter

Craigslist has this wonderful section called barter where folks can trade on thing for something of equal value. For the most part, it’s not a bad thing. Of course here in Massachusetts all you get is some ahole looking to trade his junk 92 civic that doesn’t run for a 2008 or newer suv, with no problems of course.

So i picked a few fun ones out of the New Orleans area.

I dont know much about the pigeon to hen trade value, or what the point would be. Will ya take food stamps?

Do they know how phones work? First, who needs 5 cordless phones? I got one and damned if I use it. I would kill to see one of these ratchets selling a stolen iphone make this deal.

Once again starting to wonder if phones are hard to come by. I guess if you hate being in touch with the world but want to jump start and filled up the tires in your old truck, this would be a deal.

Would you like a nicer junk car, or how about a used smartphone?

So just to clarify, this a plate plate carrier as in metal plate for a bulletproof vest. Not to bring your good china with you when going out to eat. The Nintendo switch is mostly for kids, so if your kids have one and are interested in having body armor instead, you have a deal.

This is just a bad deal all around. Odds are that land will be worth something years down the road, car, truck or suv, not so much, if it is still around.

In other words, I don’t want to pay for beads that I’m just going to throw around. But this poster will still be useless for a long time.


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