Child support phone

Nothing is more fun then when a bad ad turns into a story. Mikey is this weeks rocket scientist.

Hey Mikey, your posting from a phone! Anyway lets get past the bad grammar and look at the fun stuff. Mikey can only support his 7 kids “famley” by selling stuff or giving tattoos? Fyi, looking at his profile, I could only find 3 kids, sucks to be the rest of them, but I think I know where they are. We will come back to that. So why can’t Mikey find work?

I’m guessing that could be a problem. Druggies don’t always make for the best employees. But not like he doesn’t try.

Ah, but lets not forget Mikey’s lovely wife. Which is where the rest of the kids may have come from. Turns out she is a great mom, she wrote it on Facebook so you know it is true.

I don’t blame the son, sounds like he had a chance to run and took it. But thankfully they got a replacement on the way.

Meet the parents of the year

God help those kids and get this man a cell phone so he can pay the child support by selling stuff on Facebook.

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