Please read

It was brought to my attention today that the title of the website is offensive. I will explain and hopefully you will all continue to enjoy the content.

As many of you know I started mocking online ads a few months back under the TB Rider account I run on Facebook. It seems to take off well as a quick laugh, so I opted to expand it.

I gave it it own facebook page and spent a few bucks to create its own website. Although thre are 3 of us that write for the page, obviously its my page and I am responsible. None of us make money off this since the page isn’t big enough. Right now we do it to make you laugh for a minute.

Today I decided to spent a few bucks running facebook ads hoping to expand alittle, and this happened.

This is a serious, WTF? Whos privacy are we invading? Are people really offended? I doubt it. I make no apologies. We will do it the hard way. If you enjoy the page feel free to share it. If your offended by the title, send your lawsuits along with the doctors note saying how you are now disabled thanks to WTF Classifieds.

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