Cat got your tongue

Occasionally people get pets and it doesn’t work out. Mrs. TB is allergic, but the kids wanted a cat. So we have a short haired female who won’t give anyone the time of day unless she is in attack mode for looking for food. Except for the occasional sniffing from fluffy getting to close, So far so good two years later. But this post set off some flags.

Lets start with never knew. How? Never got tested for allergies as a kid? Never had one friend with a cat? And how have you had a cat for 9 months and just now figure out this is a problem?

And there it is! It went from free to good home to rehoming fee. In other words she wants you to pay for all this. The ad disappeared when question in regards to the cats shots or a shelter, so we never got to find out about the fee or what she wanted.

But if we know one thing, never take cat from a dog.

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