Holyoke Deals

If you have never been to Holyoke, you aren’t missing much. They have a dying mall, enough drugs, crime and people collecting government handouts that work is a swear word. The major attraction is the DCF visiting center. Then I found these two gems.

When selling something, please don’t make people guess.

Could be a maxi pad for all we know.

Then then ..

Ok, first this would be cool in elementary school. Clearly you would not sell this online unless you needed your crack money back. But it only gets better

Ya, do you think you are comparison shopping? If want it that bad pony up the $10 and drive across Holyoke,still quicker and cheaper than Amazon.

Ok, Chris, dont embarrass yourself like that again. And, really, your in Hokyoke. Find the guy or gal that looks like they just rolled out of bed, plenty of them around and you will get to smell shit for free .

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