Sunday Classifieds

Remember when the Sunday paper had a the good ads? I wouldn’t call these good, but here ya go…

Im not sure if your suppose to name your own price, pick a level or how the price thing works. Gypsy Ubers are always a safe bet.

The hat says it all!

Speaking of rides

Paulo says it is good, thats all you need to know.

Legit check? Yeah there is nothing legut here.

I have no clue.

That’s not how it works Michelle.

Discount saw saw?

Great news everybody, Tiffany is getting married! She basically wants everything donated for her big day, even the rings. Hell maybe we should donate a man to her too.

Beggars cant be choosers!

A kitten that comes with a cheap car, That is quite the package deal. Make sure you throw in the kitty litter for the cat and the oil that leaks from the car.

This already seemed weird, no brand or size of the candy or anything. Kind of screams get in my rape van. Then I looked at the seller.

Well now we know its a legitimate home business.

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