Beggars can be Choosers

I went over this a few times before I figured out what this guy is up to. I’ll overlook the obvious that this guy isn’t feeding everyone he knows or meets.

So he wants a truck or SUV for 2k or less. Notice he is sitting in the drivers of a car. He is all set he his just hopping you dont know that. A few cars and minivans were offered but he said “nah Im good”

Jet skis and motorcycles for sale on his page, Sounds like he is hurting. Basically he wants you sell him an suv for way less money so he can flip it for a profit. A little more digging under his name and we find


Its is really a simple scam he is running. Get someone to sell the truck or suv or less than they want playing on the “Christmas spirit”. Put little to no money into it. Late January and February people get tax money. Then the 2k suv he bought goes up for sales at 3, 4 even 5k.


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